Monday, December 29, 2014

30 by 30: The List

Today I turned 29 and one year from today I turn 30. Below are the things I hope to accomplish:
  1. Go to 3 major league sporting events
    • I like live sports and I haven't been to any games recently so let's get manly.
  2. Make a total of $1000 in deposits into some sort of savings account
    • I started the savings account and now I want to use it.
  3. Go to the drive in
    • We've been saying we want to do this as a tribe for a couple of years and haven't made it happen. Now we will.
  4. Read one more book than I did in 2014 aka 13 books
    • Reading is fun and so is self competition.
  5. Read the Walt Disney biography Jake got me for Christmas 2013
    • Jake looked everywhere for this book for me last year and then I haven't read it. 
  6. Learn to play "Happy Birthday" on a piano (or other instrument)
    • I can't play an instrument and I would like to learn.
  7. Upload all music to a hard drive, get rid of my CDs which I never us
    • We are moving on 1/24 and I would love to not move my CDs that I haven't listened to since I don't know when. If not, let's just get rid of them this year.
  8. Complete 200 workouts of at least 45 minutes each (not exclusive to Jazzercise but could include)
    • I felt good about this this year. Let's feel good again.
  9. Go to the opera or ballet
    • Similar to above, I want to experience more culture.
  10. Do 12 active outdoor activities this year (hiking, camping, canoeing)
    • I like outside.
  11. Go camping at least once
    • Moved this from 29 by 29 to this list because I do love camping.
  12. Take a picture of myself each day because I hate taking pictures. Amanda Pope will be doing this with me as part of her 30 by 30.
    • I hate having my picture taken. I grin and bear it most of the time and make this really weird face that my mom makes fun of. (Reasonably so)
  13. Visit 6 states other than OR, WA, and CA (Bonus points for all 6 states to be brand new)
    • I like the great United States and traveled a lot last year and loved it. 
  14. Make 3 of these states I have never visited
    • I would really like to see more of the US for the reasons above.
  15. Watch all James Bond movies before the new Bond movie comes out in November
    • I liked the Disney goal and I like Bond. Let's do this.
  16. Vegan for a month (clean vegan, none of that processed fake BBQ stuff)
    • I wonder how Jake will respond when he sees this. Anyways, I am just going to try this out. See how it feels.
  17. Make a souffle
    • I have wanted to make a souffle since I moved to Portland and haven't done it.
  18. Ride a bike (It is that simple. Sit on a bike and pedal the pedals.)
    • I used to have a bike and then it got lost and now I will ride a new one. Maybe I will by this bike. Maybe not.
  19. Get a tattoo
    • Remember when I wanted this last year and wussed out. Let's do it.
  20. Volunteer 12 times this year
    • Humanitarian
  21. Do 50 creative writing prompts of at least 500 words
    • Maybe writing a children's story last year was too big of a bite. Let's try some other kind of writing approach.
  22. Go to the Japanese gardens
    • I haven't ever been.
  23. Watch all 201 episodes of the Office
    • So as everyone knows this is my absolute favorite show but maybe everyone doesn't know that I haven't seen all of the last season.
  24. Reduce my debt (I have more specifics about this but I kind of like to be pretty private about my finances)
    • See the above sentence in parentheses
  25. Shoot a gun
    • I've never shot a gun and I would like to because I am an Eagle scout.
  26. Cook a recipe from each of my cook books
    • I own a lot of cook books but maybe haven't used them all. It would be nice to have actually tried something from each book.
  27. Write in the blog regularly and post more than I did this year
    • I like writing here. You are a nice reader.
  28. Do another 5k (bonus points for a 10k)
    • I liked running. I didn't like running and then not being able to move for 4 days. Let's try doing this with 100% more training.
  29. Visit a National Park
    • Did you know I love National Parks? I do so I want to go back.
  30. Do something crazy. 
    • I am giving myself a wild card. I just want to do something out of the ordinary for me. Something that isn't on this list that I am really proud of.

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